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Thinking of Buying?

Looking for that perfect place?  We can help you find it...  we have all the best tools in our industry to rely on and we will utilize them to the fullest to find the right home for you.

It doesn't matter if this is your first time buying a house or the 20th, we work with and assess each situation differently and will guide you down the best possible path to help you realize your dream.

Front Door

Home ownership is a big deal and we want you to be as happy as possible with the transaction AND the outcome!  


So, what are the benefits of working with

Magnolia Brokers?


You are our first priority and the last!  We work on your behalf and with your interests always at the center of any negotiation or need.

Dedicated Service

You are our top priority!  The whole time we work with you closely and will be as accessible as possible.   You might even get sick of talking to us so much!

Knowledge & Skill

We have lived in many parts of Atlanta for over 25 years.  We know the ins and out, different neighborhoods and all the changes that have taken place over the years.  We also have a collective 20+ years of transacting Real Estate!  We know what we are doing and can be there for you in any and all situations.


Our enthusiasm for being a part of a Real Estate Transaction grew from a genuine interest in all types of Real Estate.  We have renovated many properties of our own and gain great pleasure in making environments brighter and better...  we also find great comfort in making your home life a happy one in the house you love.

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